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Update and renew your relationship with the energy of money

The first thing we want you to know is that this is not just another money mindset course.​

We’re going to get curious not just about how we think about money but how money thinks about itself. It’s also a living entity. Did you know that it’s thinking about you as much as or more than you think about it?

The energy of money is evolving on our planet, and our relationship with it can too. We have all been conditioned to believe that there’s a finite amount of money available. Certain kinds of people are more likely to have it than others. And if you want it, you’re going to need to work very hard to secure it. But what if those things are not true?

What if the true principles of money and the quantum field would allow someone just like you (by that I mean actually You) to have as much as you desire? And what if that isn’t dependent on where you were born, who your parents are, or what your training or profession is?

It’s not wishful thinking. It’s not strategy. And it’s not just another take on the law of attraction (the law of attraction is great btw, just not in itself complete).

What do you need to understand to be fully ReSourced? To be directly connected to and provided for by…well… Source. To relax your anxious dependency on a job, a partner (or the fantasy of one), or a circumstance you’ve already outgrown…to stop chasing the next big break?

That’s what this course is about.

What is ReSourced?

It’s a 3-month long course on the energy of money, designed to help you become an agentful player in relating to money as an infinite and available resource.

It’s an opportunity to be a part of a community of curious seekers who want to explore their relationships to the energy of money more deeply.

We’ll read 3 books together that describe in detail the dynamics of the new money as a limitless resource for those who want to align their lives and service with it.

Beginning in August, there will be a weekly prompt with exercises for you to do and share in a virtual group.

We’ll have 6 live discussion sessions to share discoveries and dive more deeply into the principles. In those sessions, you’ll have the chance to receive laser coaching on the elements of these principles that are most challenging for you personally.

Who is it for?

✨ It’s for you if you’re open to reframing your understanding of money as an energy of human exchange.

✨It’s for you if you want to actively try some new ways of engaging with money in your life.

✨It’s for you if you’re a little mind blown that we keep saying money is an unlimited resource.

✨It’s for you if you want to take a break from the energy of hustle.

✨It’s for you if you’re just exhausted from the hustle.

✨It’s for you if you’ve done all the right things and you’re playing full out in your service but your bank account still says “nope”.

✨It’s for you if you want to be with curious people who are sharing vulnerably in a safe community and upleveling their understanding of money.

✨It’s for you if you know you’re destined for more than you’re currently experiencing.

Who is it not for?

✨It’s not for people who want to complain about the current financial systems.

✨It’s not for people who want to complain about their current financial situations.

✨It’s not for people who are looking for a place to talk about systemic inequalities.
(We know about those, and there are forums for that. This just isn’t one. For these four months, we’re going to give our systems a break from the incessant programing that we are not the ones who are meant to have money.)

✨It’s not for people looking to produce a certain amount of income in a time-compressed format. This is not a sprint.

✨It’s not for people whose priority is organizing their finances.
​(There are many great books and programs about that. This is not one.)

It’s totally OK to want any of those things. In fact, we can probably point you toward a resource (or ten) in any of those areas. We just want to be clear that it’s not what you’ll find here.

It’s also not for you if you want to sit back and watch other people do the vulnerable work. This process relies on everyone, including you, being willing to share their self-reflections and experience.

Why am I teaching this?

Because I’ve been a student of it actively for nearly 10 years. Since I left my last university teaching position in 2014 and my paycheck, I’ve been in the inquiry of how to follow the universal principles (of which the principle of gender is one) AND support myself. And I’ve tried a lot of things (including just being mad that I could have so much talent and so little money). But none has helped me as much, even to have grace with the apparent “failures”, as learning about the energy of money. I’m still healing my relationship with old ways of thinking about money and feeling desperate and resentful about it. And I’ve found that I get some of my most profound insights from gathering groups to learn about it together. I’ve been leading groups like this for several years. This is just the first one I’m offering that is open to people who aren’t already working with me in other capacities.

When are the sessions? (And what if I can’t make it live?)

We’ve scheduled the ReSourced sessions in two distinct time slots. Love + Freedom has been an international community since its inception, and we’ve found that offering both a weekday evening and a weekend day is the best way to try and include everyone. Some of our students actually enjoy joining sessions in the wee hours of their nights, because there are no schedule conflicts lol. It’s our hope that at least one of the session times will work for you. There will be recordings if you aren’t able to make it live (though there’s nothing quite like the magic of gathering together in real time). And our ongoing group and thread will be a place where you can share and get connected at any time that’s convenient for you.

Program Dates:

Month 1 - August:
Weekly Exercise Prompts Begin
Session 1 (Intro + Book 1)- First Wednesday 8/2 7-9:30pm US Eastern Time
Session 2 (Discoveries) – Third Sunday 8/20 noon-2:30 US Eastern Time

Month 2 - September:
Session 3 (Book 2) – First Wednesday 9/6 7-9:30pm US Eastern Time
Session 4 (Discoveries) – Third Sunday 9/17 noon-2:30 US Eastern Time

Month 3 - October:
Session 5 - (Book 3) First Wednesday 10/4 7-9:30pm US Eastern Time
Session 6 - (Closing) – Fifth Sunday, 10/29 noon-2:30 US Eastern Time

All live sessions will be facilitated over Zoom.

What is the investment?

If you commit to the program before July 7th, the program tuition will be $1,888
(the number of wealth, abundance, and material success... coincidentally...)

The program tuition after July 7th, will be $2,188
(the number of realizing your worth…we are not playing around with these numbers!)

If you know you're a yes, secure your spot below.

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